Hello.....so you're keen to learn a little more about Juno + Ace?

Well, it's run by me, Sacha Jacobsen. I make shiny pretty things in my studio in Sydney and here's the short version:

I make things because it makes me happy. I've got 3 beautiful young children and I struggled with post natal depression after my last 2 were born. Being creative brings me balance and when I'm balanced, I'm a better mum. I am passionate about design and all things handmade. In a world where so much of what we consume is mass produced, I want to rebel against the trend and do things the old fashioned way.



The Full Story:

I got my first job at 13, since then I have always worked but I never found anything I loved to do (until this). I just kind of bounced around through many things until I finally discovered working with metal.

I did a jewellery making course back in 2011 when I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby. I'm no good at doing nothing, I get restless and I hate being told what to do, so when everyone said I should be taking it easy, I decided not to. 

I set up my first jewellery business when my son turned 1 selling personalised jewellery on etsy. This slowly grew and I ended up with my own studio and renting out benches to other jewellers in the area. We were living in Brighton (UK) at that point. Then after having another baby, and going through some hard times with post natal depression, me, my husband and our 2 small kids moved to Sydney to an area we'd picked off a map and never actually been to.

I sold my studio in the UK and intended to take some time to settle here in Aus, I was 7 months pregnant with baby No.3 at the time....but, I'm pretty impatient and after baby number 3 was born I started playing with my tools again. Not long after we arrived, I started Juno + Ace.

The brand is named after my 2 daughters. It began as a jewellery brand but after taking part in a few amazing design markets, I realised that there is SO many talented jewellers in this country, I had to do something different to stand out. So, I started to make bigger pieces. Slowly I put together the collection of wall hangings and mobiles you see here.

I use recycled metals wherever I can and believe sustainability in design is such an important thing these days. I also proudly support the charity PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia and a percentage of online sales goes to helping them. Being a mum is so rewarding but it is also so hard. If I can help another mum by doing what I love, then I am so happy to do so.