Brass Mobile - Cosmos - Large Kinetic Mobile
Brass Mobile - Cosmos - Large Kinetic Mobile

Brass Mobile - Cosmos - Large Kinetic Mobile

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This beautifully balanced geometric mobile is called Cosmos - it was my first mobile design and whilst designing this piece I couldn't help thinking about my place in the universe and how everything is interlinked. 

This piece has 5 arched tiers delicately balanced with 10 simple but beautiful shapes, each balancing and counter balancing the other.

Cosmos measures approximately 55cm across and 60cm down.

Each shape is finished by hand with a brushed satin look and coated with lacquer to effectively prevent the metal from tarnishing.


Juno + Ace mobiles work in any room and are definitely not just for baby, although they would look pretty awesome in a nursery, that's for sure!


Everything is made to order so please expect between 2-3 weeks for your piece to be made, thanks.



If hanging from the ceiling directly and not a beam, I recommend you hang from a well installed hook (maybe even a toggle hook for extra piece of mind depending on what your ceiling is made from).

Make sure to keep your mobile out of reach from tiny hands. Do not hang above where a baby or child would sleep. Safety first! I suggest using clear fishing wire to hang your mobile as it is both strong and subtle.